Welcome Post!


My name is Lauren, I’m British and I’m 17 years old. I wanted to start this blog mainly to distract myself from the stresses of 17 year old life (i.e. school, jobs, getting a job, learning to drive and all that jazz), and for somewhere to channel my love for writing and being creative. I am not quite sure which direction I would like to take this blog to yet, however if you enjoy random chatter, rants, girly things and embarrassing stories, this could very well be the page for you?

I am going to do my very best to make this blog interesting, entertaining and filled with all of the situations/stresses/emotions I encounter along my journey of being 17 (and eventually older haha), and I really would love it if you join me! I can’t tell you exactly what I am thinking of writing about, so you’ll just have to follow this blog to find out

That was just a brief introduction, so with that.. I’ll see you in my next post!




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