Ok so I passed my driving test last Friday (Friday 24th March) and I am VERY excited about it! However, this is not a post designated to my gloating, no no. I saw a very funny video on Facebook the other day entitled ‘The horrific experience of being a learner driver’ and so I thought it would be interesting to share my embarrassing/scary/funny experiences being a learner driver on the road, and what other place than to publish this than the internet!?

I admit with much reluctance that I really struggled with driving. I am a bit of a worrier and so if I ever made a mistake during a lesson, it would put me off for the rest of that lesson (which is obviously NOT a desirable trait when driving a car). Another thing I struggled with: left and right. Being a dancer I have NO idea why this was an issue but the entire way through learning to drive, I would always fail to follow my instructor’s directions.. did/does anyone else have this problem?! Even on the day of my test, the examiner instructed “At the end of this road turn right”, as instructed, on went my left indicator, “RIGHT” he shouted. Oh.. that right.. What an embarrassment.

My most horrific moment. I’d just earned my parent’s trust, and I was permitted to drive on the roads in their car.. without dual controls *gasps*. All was well, my Dad and I were having a terrific time on an industrial estate near us and he suggested we take it up a level; onto the roundabout upon the exit of said industrial estate. I know. Riveting. So not only did I stall SIX TIMES consecutively upon entering this flaming roundabout, I became so flustered and stressed about it, I couldn’t actually pull away for the rest of the lesson and if you can’t pull away, you’re the driving equivalent of a chocolate teapot. Needless to say the lesson was finished. My Dad drove us home to shield my delinquency from other road users.

Don’t even get me started on the manoeuvres. Here in the UK it is compulsory that we learn 4 manoeuvres: Parallel Park, Turn in The Road, Bay Park and the dreaded, EVIL Reverse around a Corner (which obviously if you’re me, you’ll get in your test). To put it straight, I was so bad at my manoeuvres, my instructor had to physically write out the technique to each manoeuvre to try and help me understand, I was hopeless! Unfortunately the 3-Point-Turn God did not come through for me on the day of my test. DANGit.

Things I HATED being a learner. My birthday is in August, making me one of the youngest in my school year. Listening to everyone booking their tests when you haven’t even turned 17 is FRU STRA TING and the desperation to learn for me got stronger as the year went on. I hate that people think that passing your test quickly depends on if you’re good or not… err no it just depends when you were born!!! I personally blame my parents for not passing as quickly as everyone else, pfft it’s nothing to do with my ability!! I’d say my pet peeve being a provisional driver was the whole stalling shenanigans. My goodness. Why oh why do road users let learners out. I understand they’re trying to be considerate but NOTHING adds to the pressure than another car watching you, stealthily waiting for you to pull out of that junction. All eyes are on you, everyone is invested in your every move, then: uhh..ohhh.. she stalled it. How can you recover from that? NOTHING is more embarrassing than this, and believe me, I know. I understand and appreciate the kindness, I do, but people- cmon?? Don’t let us learners out, it adds to the pressure!!! And even when you have stalled.. WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO WAIT FOR YOU?! Oh don’t mind me, just picking up the pieces of my self-confidence being on the road, in front of a massive queue of traffic not only behind me but now behind the ignorant person that is letting me go. Great. I think I stalled it three times once whilst the same lady proceeded to wait for me, I have never desired anyone to be impatient but my golly I wish she would have been. It’s almost as though they’re mocking us learners. “Haha” they must think, “do it again” as they watch with a devilish grin on their face and the sense of evil pleasure derived from our pain. Although maybe this only happens to me.. because this occurred today.. and I’ve passed the test. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you could relate to some of my thoughts towards learning to drive, and I guess looking back, being a learner was not too shabby on the whole.. (or maybe it was)

Please share your embarrassing learner moments with me! It’ll make me feel better about my shocking efforts haha.

Thanks for reading!




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