So unfortunately the horror of exam season dawns upon me at this time of year. I am 17 so I am in the final year of school/sixth form (Year 13) and my exams start on the 10th of May and finish on the 29th of June. I AM SO NERVOUS!!!!! I will be sitting my A Level examinations in Spanish, Economics and English Lit.

The purpose of this post was to ask if anyone has any tips or tricks to the art of revision as time is running out and I feel as though I have not yet mastered it. Eek. Here are the ways I like to revise…

  1. Flashcards
  2. Re-Writing out class notes and learning them by heart
  3. Exam questions
  4. Getting my family to quiz me
  5. Highlighting (I am OBSESSED with coloured highlighters and all sorts of other stationary)

Does anyone have any other tips on how they like to prepare for exams? If so.. please share!! Also, how long is the ideal time for revision? Because I usually do 2 hour bursts yet recently our teachers have been telling us to take a 20 minute break every hour in order to help us retain more information.. is this actually effective?!

Thanks a lot!

Lauren Lets


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